IBD Genetics of Non European Populations

Crohn’s disease incidence in African Americans (AA) is similar to that of white Americans, although population based prevalence lags behind. In one population study the ratio of CD incident cases was 1.6 fold that of UC, whereas in white, the ratio was 0.9. This suggests that there might be unique ancestral risk factors in AA CD. Additionally, the NIDDK IBDGC discovered that AA had significantly greater risk of colon-only and perianal disease location, and greater risk of uveitis and spondyloarthritis. Along with Subra Kugathasan at Emory University and other IBDGC affiliates, we have genotyped or conducted whole genome sequencing on over 3000 African Americans.

The incidences of IBD is also increasing in other non-European populations, specifically Hispanics and, Far East and South Asians. We are exploring new avenues to begin collections of samples and clinical data from these populations.

If you are of African American, Hispanic, Far East or South Asian heritage, have been diagnosed with CD or UC, and are interested in participating in this or future studies, contact the IBDGC Genetic Research Center (GRC) closest to you.

If you are a researcher and would like to participate as an affiliate recruitment center please contact Ksenija Sabic.