NIDDK Central Repository

A sample repository containing EBV Transformed Cell Lines, DNA and serum collected from IBD-affected individuals and controls. These samples are available through the NIDDK Central Repository, together with detailed phenotype data collected using the Consortium’s validated phenotype forms.


Large cohorts of IBD-affected individuals and controls who have provided DNA samples and have been phenotyped according to Consortium standards. The Consortium has genotyped these samples and those data are available through dbGaP.

Data Commons

To further enhance data sharing and collaboration, the IBDGC DCC has built a Data Commons based on the Gen3 platform. Gen3 is the same platform that powers the NCI Genomic Data Commons as well as several other NIH and privately funded data commons.


The consortium leverages the REDCap data capture platform as an interface between clinical and research patient contexts to generate detailed phenotype data. In addition to those outputs, a variety of custom-built data products are generated from REDCap and made available to members of the consortium.